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Lyubka (TV Movie 2009.


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I lost it when they played “Reflections” 😢. OH Wait! she is NOT Scarlett Johanson! It's an actual asian person playing asian role. Bethany is happy to have her Jack Black body back? XD.


The only badass Disney ‘princess isnt even a princess at all, it just makes Mulan even cooler. Out of all the live action remakes they have done, this one by far looks the best and it isnt even out yet. I hope this movie kicks ass. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. One thing will always stay the same: Stormtroopers will have potato aim.


THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOOON. 2019: The Saga ends. 2020: Reylo - The Beginning of a forbidden love story. I'm emotional😭😭😭 I've always wanted a sister and a relationship like Elsa & Anna ❤. High quality files yesmovies lyubka. High quality dfiles yesmovies lyubkanj. High quality dfiles yesmovies lyubkan. High quality dfiles yesmovies lyubkano. Wait a minute, where is Mushu? Eddie Murphy) The original Mulan was popular because of mushu. What i learned from the movie: Horses can walk on water. Turtles can breathe from their butt.