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Samrat & ads. Samrat & co. movie. One of the best detective movie made in India. There are very few detective movies that are made in India. Samrat and Co is unique in all regards. Awesome Dialogues. This is a Movie which not only provokes you to think but also makes you laugh now and then. It is a fast paced movie. I would recommend it as "Must watch. Sweet, Light, Intriguing. Watch out for Watson aka CD he will help you to relax your facial muscles with his one liners. Chemistry between STD and CD is superb. The only drawback of the movie is the heroine. she looks very plastic but thankfully she does not have much to do. "Tch" signature of STD will totally make you go mad. Samrat & co. kg. Samrat & co. (pvt.) ltd. Samrat & co. (2014) on dailymotion. Samrat & co. (2014. Samrat & co. full movie.

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